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FAT* Reading Group

About Me

I am a Ph.D. student at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. My faculty advisor is Dr. Matt Lease. I am a part of the Information Retrieval and Crowdsourcing Lab. Before joining the Ph.D. program, I worked as a Software Engineer in Microsoft and as a Decision Scientist in Mu Sigma.

I received my Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Science and Technology from IIEST, Shibpur.


My general area of interests are Information Retreival, Natural Language Processing and Human Computation.

My broad research interest is in Fairness, Accountability and Transparency of Information access systems. Information Access systems play an increasing role in deciding what information to provide and how that information is presented. As a consequence, information access systems have the power to significantly shape user beliefs. My research considers three aspects of information access systems:

  1. How do we develop algorithms to deliver unbiased contents?
  2. How can we design interfaces for an unbiased presentation of these contents?
  3. How can we measure what it means to be fair and how well these algorithms and interfaces achieve it?

FAT* Reading Group

I help organize a FAT* Reading group where we discuss recent literature in that problem space. More information here.



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